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Multiple SOVAS & OneVoice Award Nominee

Telling stories and helping people understand simple and complex ideas is what I do. I’m a storyteller and I would love to tell your story. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority.

I’m versatile, directable and have a quality in-home studio equipped with Source Connect to provide timely, clean, consistent audio for your project.


I’m your best friend, a real mom, and that funny sarcastic girlfriend with whom you can share an inside joke. I’m also a Warrior, a Queen, or that Sassy Southern Grandma to bring your characters to life. My voice is warm and engaging to tell those sweet and loving stories while still being authoritative and strong for your eLearning project or the heroine in a Cozy Mystery audiobook. Armed with a cadre full of quirky characters and accents, I can make a children’s book come to life. I’m the fun mom and auntie who reads stories out loud voicing all the characters.

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Name: Diane Hayes

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Recent Release

Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? by Harper Audio

By: Leslie Connor

Narrated by: Ferdelle Capistrano, André Santana, Andrew Eiden, Diane Hayes

Length: 6 hrs and 31 mins

Five Benefits of Email Marketing

Chirp Research Studies the Gig Economy

About Diane

Throughout my life I have combined my love for entertaining with a love for business. As a child, I came into the world singing and dancing. As I got older, it was school plays, community theater and singing with traveling singing groups. Armed with a degree in Advertising/PR I followed my love of advertising and went to work at TV and Radio stations in media sales, often writing, appearing in, or voicing commercials for clients.


My education as a voice actor never stops. I have had the amazing good fortune to take classes with some of the best teachers and coaches in the business. Including classes with Bob Bergen…Porky the Pig, Scott Brick…. Audiobook Narrator extraordinaire, Tom Pinto and Peter Coyote… amazing coaches and narrators, Charlie Adler and Carlos Alazraqui…kings of voiceover animation plus many many more!


I continue to work out with various Bay Area Improv Groups.


In addition to acting and voice acting, I'm also a sales trainer, executive coach, and professional speaker for my own sales training company. Since 2016 I have conducted over 1200 live interactive webinars and in person sales and product trainings.


Your satisfaction is my #1 priority. I’m versatile and very directable and have a quality in home studio to provide clean, consistent audio for your project. I can support live client sessions through Zoom, Source-Connect and others.



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